How Jamaican Dancehall Queens Twerk For A Living | Style Out There | Refinery29

This week on Style Out There, our host, Connie Wang travels to Jamaica to experience Dancehall for herself. This wild subculture is thriving in and changing the way things work for women in Jamaica. Press play to witness this shocking style and form of dance!

In fashion, what’s seen on the streets is just as important as what goes down the runway. R29’s Style Out There takes a look at the drastically different subcultures around the world, examining the myriad influences that color what we wear — and why.

Refinery29 is a modern woman’s destination for how to live a stylish, well-rounded life.

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  1. People who have a lot to say about this not be empowering for these women… are you these women? This is not empowering for you fam. Most of you probably haven't even experienced the true beauty and freedom that comes from dancehall music and dance. Profitability is empowering for some people and just being free to express yourself and lose yourself in good music without constantly being judged by others can be empowering too and is the whole point of dancehall. We nuh care weh unuh tink. And before unuh judge the men on how they treat the women and how the women dress and act… Do some research. Try to understand the background to all this, why and how dancehall even came about. Look also at the connection to people especially from intercity communities. Let the people survive in peace. You nuh haffi agree but don't impose your beliefs and judgment on what you don't understand. So please educate your ethnocentric self and become culturally relative to other people's culture and views. Nothing wrong with sharing your opinion but it is better to at least give an educated and informed opinion than an ignorant one.

  2. This is a result of historical suppression and oppression by Europeans. It’s can’t be divorced from the history of enslaving a people removing them from their foundations and dumping them in a new land. When you empoverish a people they have to find an avenue – any avenue of expression. Their empowerment movements which spoke of liberation and ‘bringing down Babylon’ were destroyed so this is a very low rent form of expression that is ‘allowed’. Let’s not pretend this is some kind of radical female liberation. It’s not.

  3. i think whether its empowering or exploitive depends if the woman lets it be that for they handle it. but they are in country with low incomes and making money with their sex appeal without stripping or selling sex, so if you look at it that way they are being empowering. these people are just doing their best to be happy and survive

  4. Barbaric…………Some jamaicans I've encountered in America are vicious,they are known for brutality, (taking), basically forcing themselves on women……I wouldn't be caught dead in a room alone with one of them…….I personally knew one that was sleeping with a mother and daughter,…and still tried to hit on me……..people have lost their minds,I haven't even got past the 1st 5 minutes…..

  5. I was married and was with my childhood boyfriend for 10 years..been pretty successful even thoe I've had a real rough life. Threw foster care,school and rehabilitating into a society that I was misguided threw since birth. I'm 21 and divorced at 19. I was doing everything i was supposed be doing and everyone who should be in your life that supposed to love and support done me so dirty I had no idea being independant at 15 wasn't normal. I like strip bars because after my divorce I wasn't ready to date and no matter what day it was,how much money i had or what time it was I hated being home alone and tried to keep myself busy with my success even threw ALL the bullshit I came farther than some people do twice my age. When i would hop from strip club ,to strip club,to comedy bars,jazz and dance clubs,karaoke. Honestly strip clubs is where i love most because i got to see beauty not in just 1 soacific type of woman I seen that ME,MYSELF was insainly a attractive and unique woman and it took complete strangers to find that out compared to people who I spent years and loved and my whole life around them. They never treated me as some people would. You are in control of how the world sees you you can't stop problems life will always throw something at you but you have to learn to dodge that shit.youll get hit a few times and sometimes even blind sided,you might even got hurt and spent weeks getting back up and sometimes it takes years. It was a house of love. Thairs more to sex than just the action it's self. Now these men …and how the Jamaicans here dance. That's wayyyyyy to much like as a stripper I'm always close to people and danceing for 7 hours stright. But i have a problem feeling over powered and sufficated and feel like if i let him grab on to me any closer or harder I won't be able to stop anything he would do. I see qhere these girls are comming from once you know who you are and how to use yourself as a product of value. Those men probably would treat those women lile that anyways. For years and in ALOT of countries and cultures women are alive just to be raped and used. Atleast this way and how the dance world works today all over the world. Thairs more understanding and nobody is takeing advantage of anyone . And soon one day at a time the world is changeing for the better as each day passes because people who would of never had a chance are finally being the ones to live and get threw life and come out in one piece with something

  6. I'm all about the art of dance, but this is something else. Making women feel as if our bodies and sexuality is all we have to offer. This is down right deplorable. These women are pieces of meat.

  7. So jamaica is lit….thats all you had to say… cuz I only go out to places where we dont fuck around AND GET DOWN. If you dont ither 1 or the other..danceing, buzzing with drinks or drugs, playing games like cards dice or even just be creative ither with your look your art and laugh and can keep up with our loud mouths and the 5 conversations going on…. you any other way when we finally have the time and place to do wtf you want
    Jamaicans are cool but this girl is over thinking shit and it's called loveing life , liveing life and surviving.

  8. I so love that Refinery 29 tackled and this and went straight into the action to share about this culture. Many people won’t understand the deeper connotations and social, economic factors that contribute to the dynamics of dancehall. I think it’s a conversation that has to be ongoing but overall this documentary showed a good view of both sides of the spectrum.

  9. How the woman in Jamaica gets out the powerty? Dancing..
    Woman: "to be a dance hall queen there has to be.. a LOT MORE exposure"
    has to be… no choice then..? hmmm empowering.

  10. A culture of rape …
    The interviewer mentioned that she saw a woman being pushed into a wall and she came up 😃
    As for me I saw a woman taking pride into keeping up with a man . No matter how much he pushed her or twisted her around , she kept on . she didn't buckle under his strength nor did she bow in deafeat.
    Maybe thats a form of empowerment to those women .

  11. Not necessarily happy with this video, from the slackness of my people/my parents people to the comments and how much Dancehall has changed. I may be 23 but this shit definitely makes me miss the 80s and 90s.

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