Ron White Newest 2018 – Ron White Stand Up Comedy Show

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  1. Best comedian ever but very old video. Wonder what happened to the guy…is he still performing? What number wife is he on now? So many questions…

  2. Now on too Richard Prior I think you are funny but get it straight ok we care not all but Sure as hell do oh just dont put to death the innocent make sure they are guilty okay

  3. I love Steve Martin. I was watching "Provocateur d'Liberals — Steve Martin, Stand Up Comedy 1984 (HD) – YouTube" for I think a good 25 minutes. Laughed maybe once or twice. I was going through the comments someone mentioned Ron White, searched for it, this came up, one or two minutes in I had the first laugh.

  4. I thought of that anecdote antidote joke! Over 20 years ago. Mine was more like this, If I get bit by a snake I hope someone will find me and take me to a hospital so the doctor can tell me a funny story . . . .
    I still have no idea why I didn’t write it down. NOW I REMMEBER! I only had the one line! I didn’t have anything further to develop it into an actual viable few sentences that would make sense. Ron is a worthwhile enough fellow to have thought of the same thing. Only he’s smarter than me because he actually used it.

  5. Uh yeah.., I’ve got the dvd (somewhere) and this is old af! Plus the actual new one is on Netflix. Completely obvious this isn’t new because the actual new one he looks older. Smh

  6. tan, there was no need to so grossly and blatantly misrepresent the date of this show – it's fucking Ron White; even his extremely dated videos still hold up all on their own, without the underhanded use of lame clickbait subterfuge. And you would have known that If you truly appreciated White's talent and just labeled it honestly.

  7. You may get the question "Is this guy cracking corny Dad Jokes dated back to the last crusades?" …and you may answer "Hell dude, if your dad was the type of guy who at 11 AM would throw a 6 pound steak some taters and bacon into a mixer,top it off with a quart of southern comfort for the flavour and call it ´His 7AM Mens Health Matinee-Special Shake´ youd be damn right with presuming these are Dad Jokes DONE RIGHT".

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