Kendrick Lamar – LIFT Teaser (VEVO LIFT)

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  1. And like always, WE the places that Vevo doesn't works are fucked.
    Y como siempre, NOSOTROS los lugares en q Vevo no funciona estamos jodidos.

  2. Haha, yeah I am talking a lot of shit. I don't give a crap about his life story, I just like his music; only rapper I can listen to daily. I wouldn't know shit about that stuff with Jay Rock, I think all his tracks suck, even the ones with Kendrick.

  3. Damn you can talk alot of shit over the internet cant you Kendrick was in the game because he was even on tour with Jay Rock he was signed to Def Jam you dont know shit you just talking. Section .80 damn sure wasnt the rise of them it just brought them up even higher like Jay Rock did when he dropped All My Life. Nobody said i was cool you must live a sad life if you worried about being cool. Section .80 wasnt a mixtape. And are you stupid vevo is at the top and you still misspelled it.

  4. He hasn't been in the game a long time. He's new to the game; Section 80 started his and Black Hippy's rise. Unless you think writing and producing music automatically puts you in the game, then half of the fking ghetto is in the rap game. But I guess you're just stupid. VIVO/Lift is a bunch of behind the scenes garbage for dick-riders. You're not cool for listening to Kendrick from K.Dot, and you're a dumb ass for saying why listen; he got famous from a mixtape, doesn't that tell u enough.

  5. No not true at all Section .80, OD, and Kendrick Lamar EP, has been his best stuff so far and you can buy all that. Kendrick been in the game for a long time his first mixtape came out when he was like 16 or 17 i cant remember right now. But he was still finding himself as an artist everything that you have to or should buy came out under Kendrick Lamar not But i guess your just not a Kendrick fan so you wouldnt know that if you like his music buy it if you dont why listen.

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  7. nah that coachella vid isn't the official one, Kendrick said in an interview that the real video is gonna be similar to the video for "California Love"

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