"It Looks Embarrassing To Her Because She's Fat" | 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Michael and Angela go shopping at a market where they disagree over Angela buying cigarettes, and Michael calls Angela fat when they go to look at dresses.

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  1. I feel sorry for him. She doesn't even respect him!!!
    What kind of love is tht making difference between him and her???
    As she said she's American and he's Negerian..
    Think about it man. She doesn't deserve you.
    There are many beautiful women out there ..
    Surely, one who truly deserves him.

  2. The hell is he thinking, goin all the way out backwards! He better run now bc she's goin to drive him crazy n he's goin to be driving Ms. Daisy!!! Dumb ass….

  3. The worst pple on earth….. Are Nigerian men!!! Liars, scammers!!! Very bad pple I can't!!!!!!! Girls don't involve yourselves with this men!!! Let them date their own ladies bt not foreigners!!!!

  4. and people say black women are assertive and white women are submissive yet this white female acting like the damn nigga in the relationship??‍♀️ SKIN COLOUR doesn’t determine how u act dummies.

  5. To me it's not even about the way I'm sorry she has a grown woman look how she carries herself though really and she wonders why she's in the position that she's in look at the VT pictures when she's talking she looks a whole lot better and then in real life when she's walking around she looks a mess I'm sorry

  6. Her hair is dryer than Mount Kilimanjaro s*** how's she can't see or feel the texture look at the state of her I'm sorry Mum this has nothing to do with that she's fat point-blank yeah she just is a mess

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