DIY: Side Stipe Pants- LIVESTREAM w/ My Teenage Niece -By Orly Shani

I’m going live during my NY vacation!!
My 15 year old niece wanted to add a little somethin somethin to old jeans she wasn’t wearing anymore.
So we hit up Joann’s and are going to make a pair of SIDE STRIPE pants!
You can do this technique to any pants… trousers, sweat pants, jeans etc.
-2 Yards or Trim



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  1. Can you do a video on jazzing up suit jackets and or business attire? I wear suit jackets for my job quite a bit and the ones that I buy are usually so boring. Would love to find a way to upgrade them but still look professional.

  2. This was cute and I learn something to. And so this glue is good for updating and changing up a pair of jeans. I'm thinking glitter! It was great to meet your family. And of course your little mini me pop up just as the video was ending. Hi Blake and Katie! Thanks for sharing and continued blessing in 2019.

  3. Do you know what I absolutely love about your channel…and…you…is that your DIY's are modern and not those tacky projects that seems so characteristic of DIY's. You are fun to watch, very personable and someone that I think everyone wants as a friend. Your family is lucky to have such a relatable person in their lives. Loved this video!!!

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