Dev – Get To Know Dev (VEVO LIFT)

Get to know VEVO’s latest LIFT artist, DEV! See more at © 2011 Universal Republic Records
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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I don't know why people say she looks bad without glasses. we often see her without glasses in many of her vids (in the dark or bass down low for exemple) And without those glasses she's still to me one of the most beautiful girl i've seen. she actually have pretty nice eyes. You just gotta love the short hair and her style and fashion. Personally I like short haired girls like that, and this chick has so much swag. She's hot, you gotta admit.

  2. @StealthSmile235 Remember when people used to make up their own comments instead of copying someone elses, just to be the top rated video and show of to their friends.

  3. Hello. Hi. How you. I rapper. I make different song with new style. My English no great but my rap is best to the world that you ever to see. Soo come to page and see me. Thank you sir. good hello and bless

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