A plane landed in Edinburgh instead of Dusseldorf and newsreader Simon McCoy couldn’t handle it The Poke

We’ve all heard horror stories of travellers landing in one destination whilst their luggage goes on a holiday of its own to another part of the world. However, rarely do we hear of an entire planeload of passengers going to the wrong place, such as happened when a British Airways flight accidentally landed in Edinburgh, instead of Dusseldorf.

The incident sounded pretty funny, if baffling, to those not actually inconvenienced by the massive cock-up.

What added to the hilarity of the situation was that the BBC gave the story to everyone’s favourite irreverent newsreader, Simon McCoy – and this is how that went.

Of course, he has form for this sort of thing. Here are a few more of his special moments.

On the Icelandic volcano, Eyjafjallajökull – yes I googled it, no I can’t pronounce it.

Announcing a royal pregnancy.

Being less than enthusiastic about surfing dogs.

As Twitter user Katherine Birkett said.

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