We’ve explored what famous sharply dressed ladies wear to look young but not like teenagers. There are no tips to forget about miniskirts and move to pencil skirts and refreshing colors. After all, it’s up to each of us to decide what to wear, but there is a win-win combination that will make you look gorgeous in any situation.

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Handbags and backpacks: strict outlines instead of shapelessness 0:43

Cropped tops: with high waisted skirts 1:20

Skinny jeans: with massive boots or heels 2:03

Tight dresses and fitted dresses 2:35

Sports shoes with a dress or a coat 3:08

Shorts: loose cut, closed top, quality shoes 3:43

Aggressive sexy style and intelligent sexuality 4:17

Fitted puffy dresses and A-line dresses 4:51

Miniskirt: dense fabric and loose top 5:19

Short bell skirts and A-line skirts 5:51

Experiments: multilayered Asian style 6:27

Cool details 7:02

A win-win combination 7:28

– Formless large backpacks and handbags simplify your image and make you look more like a teenager.
– It’s better when “30-something girls” wear cropped tops with high waisted skirts so that only a narrow skin line is visible, and the navel is covered to make the belly look flatter.
– Skinny jeans tend to add volume to the bottom and hips and present your body in an unfavorable light. It’s better to choose a looser top and not combine such jeans with ballet flats or other minimalistic footwear.
– Only a young lady can afford a tight knitted dress. It’s better to choose a seductive fitted dress instead of a tight one.
– A light dress with a flower print and sports shoes? Definitely not. It’s better to choose a dress with a simple cut.
– Shorts made of lace and other thin fabrics, looking more like underwear, make the bottom look bigger and suit few people.
– 30-something is the time of intelligent sexuality. Décolleté, lacing, high cut, short skirts — you shouldn’t combine these things.
– Light dresses with an elastic band at the waist are associated only with young ladies.
– You can explore Japanese and Korean street styles instead of a deliberately sexy style from Instagram.
– Thirty-something ladies can afford to pay more attention to details instead of choosing showy clothes. It can be an unusual fabric, exquisite lace, or a fine combination of shades.
– You can endlessly make cool outfits out of a fitted pair of jeans, several tops, a jacket, a cardigan, or a leather jacket.

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  1. Liked the video and all the tips except for number 3…. I don’t get what they’re trying to say… experiment with “asian styles”????

  2. I know I felt very old when I hit 30….
    Now I am 37 and 40 is coming ?
    But I feel blessed.

    But honestly..this video is bull…

  3. This is shallow and uninformed most people think I’m early/mid twenties I’m 36. I can wear anything I want it’s all about coincidence. Clearly this lady believes over a certain age confidence is done?!? Speak for yourself. I’m 5’8 117 and confident and I can slay in whatever ?✌️

  4. I am 39 years old and I always said to my kids and my husband I am old. THEY WERE AGAINST ME. They said Mommy " you are still in your 30's. Mommy ages 60-90's are old people not you Mommy.

  5. It is Alexa Chung not Alexa Chang. I actually thought Jessica Alba looked good in that shorter skirt outfit! I think any woman of any age can wear what they want as long as it is appropriate for the occasion and updated in style! That Insta outfit was sexy but much more stylish than the layered up outfits.

  6. People should wear what they think look nice on them even casual dressing can be done that make one's body look smaller larger older or younger the most important thing is to know what look descent and nice for your body not tacky or a Hoochy or call girl unless that is what you want to advertise

  7. I don't think so, it depending the size of a body, the height, body statistically and the occasion or over all the appearance, most of all it depend if you have enough money to buy clothes wanting to wear suits to your age , looks or likes as in comfortable the feeling you are confident. What you want is not you've got when you have no work hahaha! So wear whatever you like to wear as long you are in comfortable. Right!?!

  8. Most of these tips are just gibberish. Sorry to say that. Why not lovingly suggest helpful tips rather than dictate to people what they ought to wear. Would love to see your wardrobe.


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