We Describe Each Other To A Sketch Artist While Drunk • LadyLike

“I am ready to partyyy!”

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Licensed via Audio Network
SFX Provided By AudioBlocks


Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used by Permission

Mary Daou

Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Hi everybody! So we shot this in such a way where each person wouldn’t be revealed until they had already been described by another person. So for example: Jen came in and described me, THEN I came in and described Chantel. The only person who ended up a little spoiled was Devin and when it came time for Devin to be described she hid a little so the artist wouldn’t be able to use her face as a reference. Of course these are not edited in the order they are shot so that’s why it looks more spoilery than it is. Hope that helps, love you —Kristin

  2. Every time I watch LadyLike I always think of how freaking awesome it would be to work there. I mean, you literally get paid for messing around with friends and being creative!

  3. Can we talk about how these women spend a lot of time together and still struggled. Imagine a drunk woman/man who's been raped trying to explain the woman/man to the sketch artist at the police station when she only saw his face for so long..

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