The Saturdays – ASK:REPLY Episode 2 (VEVO LIFT)

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  1. From what I've seen, Mollie always adds an "er" when theres an "a" at the end of a word. Like when she tried imitating Britney Spears who's from Louisiana, she said "Louisianer" and once said "Samanther" instead of "Samantha".haha

  2. Vanessa's "literally" was spot on!
    I love how American accents are always the southern or valley girl accents.. sigh.. Oh wells, I can only do a Geordie accent xP

  3. I love them!! They're sooo damn awesome n talented! Different great talented in their own way 😉 I wish em lots n lots of success 😉 😉 I'm a singer and I would seriously do ANYTHING to live out my dream like Rihanna & The Saturdays! My biggest dream has always been to a singer, again, i would seriously do ANYTHING to become a singer;) 😉 😉 Its MY WORLD, a new world, and i would do EVERYTHING for it 😉 😉 ;i)

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