‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ comic’s illustrator didn’t watch the show

There’s one thing illustrator Renée Nault didn’t do while working on a new graphic novel based on “The Handmaid’s Tale” — watch the hit series on Hulu.

Nault and author Margaret Atwood are releasing a comic-book version of the 1985 novel — a project that capitalizes on the popular show.

But keeping Elisabeth Moss’ stark gaze out of the book was so hard that the artist had to go cold turkey.

“I’m really an artistic sponge. I knew if I watched it, I’d be influenced by their ideas. As tempting as it was, I said I’m not going to watch it,” Nault, 38, told The Post.

Atwood tapped Nault to work with her several years ago. But the series — about a theocratic America where fertile women are the property of men — premiered in 2017 and became a worldwide phenomenon.

“It was really hard. I kept seeing articles popping up in my Facebook feed and I’m like, ‘No!’ ” said Nault.

Her effort comes out Tuesday through Doubleday Books.

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