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Looking to sell your home in the near future? Then follow the Great Home Ideas team as they show you how to get your home ready, while staying under a $10,000 budget.

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  1. Please list the cost of materials and what the average cost of labor would have been so I can understand what the real costs are associated with a makeover like this.

  2. People are stupid, buying into this property bubble. The video is from 2017. Come 2019-2020 the buyer will be crying in pain. WA property prices were crazy stupid a few years back but now the prices have fallen 3 years in a row and seems like the downward trend will continue until 2019-2020.

  3. I loved this particular makeover, not only did the house turned out completely different from what it was , but it looked updated and had the look and comfort of a new home- with character. I would like to know how did it turn out with the bathroom, the designs were wild but I liked the fact that it was left as is, the new owner can always remodel that. Best of luck to such a lovely couple, it touched my heart when the lady said "everything is beautiful, ready for new people!" What you did here was amazing, not only a transformation but a labor of love. <3 I did not understand why the house was being sold at auction? …. That said..when can you come over to my pad?

  4. 1,8 milion for that house?? wow australia is is nice but in Serbia for 20-30,000€ you can buy the same house even better one made from bricks,blocks,concrete and from hard material..that's in countryside, in cities u can by for 60-70k also made from hard material..for 1,4 millions you can buy two buildings and live like a true king from rent money…so is anyone intrested in australia to adopt me:D?

  5. So many different things vs the US it's like watching an anthro docu + reno show in 1. What is "sugar soap"? Do most houses go to auction in Aus? In the US that is usually the last resort and means you'll get a deep discount typically.

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