14 Quick And Easy Bra Hacks and More Girl Hacks You Will Love!

Hey girls! We understand your daily hassles and bring you some simple DIY bra and fashion related hacks to make your life easier! Learn how to hide your bra straps, cover-up your cleavage and many many more tricks and tips to save the day!

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  1. Hey, Panda lovers! ?
    Girls, who invented the bra? ? And why does wearing one sometimes feel like such a struggle???Well, I am here to share my favorite bra-related hacks to save you from these daily hassles??. From hiding your straps to covering-up cleavage, add my collection of tricks and tips to your everyday routine.✌? ?
    Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!
    Much love from Crafty Panda ???

  2. Really ?? You spill your drink on your blouse in the bar. You just happen to have fabric glue, some silk lace, a scarf and small paint brush with you. Voila…you go to the bathroom and make a top… ??? Come on now… I must buy some fabric glue to my hand bag.

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