America VS Korea VS Philippines – VOCAL BATTLE!

Ariana Grande & Demi Lovato VS Ailee & Son Seung Yeon Vs Morissette Amon & Katrina Velarde


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  1. One things for sure dont you ever give filipino a mic coz u know what will happen next. So thats safe to say that in every filipino family there will be 2 to 3 of family member are born singers…take that

  2. Notice me @Fedsax 🙂
    Can you do Morissette updated vocal range. Cause she got some crazy vocals nowadays. She got some serious G2,Bb2, B2, and A5, B7 and C8 note ?

  3. Old gen US vocalist>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Korea>new gen US vocalist=Philippines

  4. Korean won.
    Mori's C5 is gorgeous. Demi's C#5 is one of the best I've heard from her. So much power.
    Son Seung Yeon is a phenomenal belter. Without a doubt the best belter here. I like Ailee up to C5. Her resonance up there is amazing. Ariana's ease is amazing. And her tone is beautiful.

  5. Im so over these damn videos, they are all good i saw someone mention wheres sohyang oh shes just good to be on this video. Sohyang tone of voice is boring these singers have a more colourful voice which keeps me awake to be honest. And id rather listen to most of these ladies then sohyang voice anyday?.

  6. It's hard to compare performances with different audio qualities. If it's on the spot, live singing using the same equipments, I think Filipinos will win it all.

  7. I'm honestly disgusted how many people are being hateful towards Koreans?? Saying they keep shouting, they all sound the same just proves how judgemental and ignorant you are just because they are Koreans. For gods sake it's just music.

  8. filipinos can sing consistent high notes while just only sitting at chair,how so impressive.
    That's y it's hard to defeat Filipinos singers coz they are the Best contenders in the world.

  9. Haha so funny the facial expressions of Korean y singing the high notes they look so broken faces into pieces, basag na basag Yung mukha ??? parang sasabog ????

  10. Philippines
    Regine Velasquez
    Moirissete Amon
    Katrina Velarde
    Jonalyn Viray
    And many more.
    For boys
    TNT boys
    Jed madela
    Noven Belleza
    Daren Espanto
    Mitoy onting.

  11. As always, no one can bet Filipinos angelic voices, clean voice and consistent to all high notes not only for girls but also for boys.
    Filipinos are gifted,and so much talented.
    Bravo Philippines.

  12. this is just my opinion, but am i the only one who doesn’t really like ailee’s voice? it sounds very gritty and closed. seungyeon was amazing. Demi was good, ariana was ok, i think ariana was the weakest contender. I personally really like Morissette amons voice the best.

  13. 10:08 Ailee was doing TOO much, im a BIG Fan but for the Sake of her Voice she shouldnt have Attempted that Note especially because she was Nearly Cracking BUT Straining, and because of All the Other Songs that Start Tiring her Voice with their High Notes

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