$15 DIY steadicam in 15 minutes!

In this Awesome Directors Project tutorial, filmmaker Zach King demonstrates how to build a $15 DIY steadicam in under 15 minutes.

[[ Shopping List ]]

Power Drill:
Galvanized Steel Pipe:
1/2 inch Metal T Joint:
Metal End Caps:
½ inch Metal Flange:
1 inch thick wood:
¾ inch Screws:
¼ inch Machine Bolt:
2.5 pound Weight Plate:

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  1. Guys if you want an inexpensive stabiliser that works just the same use your own dslr tripod fold it up to its original position and hook the camera on then find a place to hold it and do some test shots. you will find that this works really damn good. there ya go you didnt spend a dime

  2. Too anyone unclear on how this is able to stabilize the camera, the answer is inertia. The greater the mass of an object, the greater the force required to move that object. Its like hitting a sand-filled punching bag, punches from a child will barely move the bag while punches from a boxer will make it sway or jump. By simply making the camera rig heavier it helps to stabilize vibration and camera shake.

    The second way it helps is by moving the camera and its counterweight far from its center of mass. This increases the moment of inertia and helps to stabilize pitch and roll movements (the extension arm on the side adds some mass that helps to stabilize yaw movements.) To understand try spinning a broomstick. It is easy to spin it around the long axis because all the mass is close to the center axis. Trying to spin it like a baton is much slower because the mass is much further away and has a higher moment of inertia.

  3. I made a diy version of this diy that cost 0$, I got a mop, attached a circle 2.5 lb weight to the bottom used my gorilla pod as the attachment point and a baseball bat as a handle, oh and some duct tape. (I hand these handy which is why it was 0$ upfront for me)

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