Women Try $100 Workout Dresses

“Yes sir. I’m doin’ it in a dress.”

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Beautiful sporty cheerful woman is doing side plank exercise. She is watching video on the internet and repeating the tasks
Deagreez/Getty Images
joyful active young woman jumping
Bogdan Perfiliev/Getty Images

girl raises the bar
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  1. are you kidding me? that one girl was filming INSIDE the locker rooms. thats not ok at all. Thats so inconsiderate and privilaged not to mention illegal and against gym policies.

  2. Some people wear work out dresses for personal/religious reasons to go work out in a gym. There’s nothing wrong with it. Also wear a damn sports bra! Also if you don’t like showing your legs wear some leggings underneath. The one girl really got on my nerves talking about “omg I hated it” like alright that’s fine but you don’t like it for all the wrong reasons! Lastly, you don’t have to buy a $100 worth workout dress.

  3. Ok I see all these comments that it's for tennis but then my question is why can't u wear the sport clothing u wear for everything else to play tennis in lol

  4. As a girl in a mostly men dominated sport, I constantly fight to be on eye level with them. I think coming to strength training in a dress, it would just push me into the hi-i-am-a-girly-girl-corner and it would be hard to be taken seriously.

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