Van Life Build Tour | DIY Stealth Van Conversion Start to Finish (2019)

In this Van Life Build Tour, I’ll show you my DIY Van Conversion from Start to Finish. You’ll get pictures in order from the beginning of the van life build van conversion, plus Ryan comments about the empty cargo van to the complete van build. You’ll see my van life music studio, with cool musical mood lighting, a van wood stove, CC 40 Dometic Refrigerator, and much more in this stealth van conversion.


My Amazon Reselling Tools (I use to make money):

Pictures of the Entire Build:
Tour of the Van:

150 W Solar Panel –
30 Amp Solar Charge Controller –
Battery Isolator –
RV Battery Side Vent –
Flow-Rite Pump for Battery –
Flow-Rite Kit for 6 Volt Battery –
Fuse Kit –
Fuse Holder –
Best 600W Inverter I could Find –

Cubic Mini Wood Stove –
Chimney Cap –

Buy Reflectix Here (48-Inch-by-50-Feet) –
Shorter Reflectix (24-Inch-by-50-Feet) –

MaxxAir Deluxe 7000K Fan –
Dicor BT Tape and Lap Sealant –
Counter Vent on Rear Door –

TV –
TV Mount –
Roku Short Cable –
Roku Streaming Stick –

7 Gallon Water Storage Tanks –
Water Pump –
Sink Faucet –
Bar Bowl Sink –
Mini Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier –

Dometic CC40 Refridgerator –

Schwinn Loop Bicycle –

Bamett Air Purifier –
Thermometer –

Carbon Monoxide Detector –
LP Gas Detector –

Bamboo Bed Sheets –
Bamboo Bed Comforter –

LED Lighting Strip w/ Music Mode –
Light Switch –

CR-260 Flooded Lead Acid Batterys 260 AMP Hours –


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  1. Awesome set-up! I am sure this video will inspire many!
    How much money approximately did you invest in this conversion including the cost of the van and extra help/services??

  2. I really like the job you did on this Van. I didn't see any link for the floor sound deadening material. I'm planning on doing a Van this year and I'm looking forward to it. How does the wood stove work out in your Van ? Thanks

  3. Great video. Nicely broken down and explained. I loved your idea for the heat plate on your wood burner. I'm gonna nick (steal) that idea for my build. Cheers mate for sharing.

  4. Great build, but I am curious as to why you didn't choose to go with the extended version of the van? I'm considering doing it as I type, but would buy an extended version for that all important extra space.

  5. Nice build. I am researching as I plan to do the vanlife thang as well. I am also tall, so it was good to see a bed built along the side. Seems like 99% of van builds do the platform bed in the back. Being tall was there any reason you went with a regular cargo van height instead of a high roof one? Was it cost or the stealth factor? Curious, Did you add a fridge? And as far as showers, are you gonna use a solar shower out the back of the van? Or did you rig up your sink with a shower hose? Sorry for all the questions. Trying to get as much info before i do my van this summer. Thanks!

  6. I'm definitely using a lot of these design ideas. Thanks. Short people have it good in a lot of ways, but I don't think I'd trade. I'm 6'2 and these side to side beds are worthless to me. Just bought a 2004 E-250. The journey begins.

  7. I have the same van ! Mine has a full carpet cleaning mount inside tho. I think ima take all that out ones i buy a new van and make my ford into something like this!

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