Scottish MP Mhairi Black had a first class takedown for this troll who questioned her education The Poke

Scottish National Party MP Mhairi Black has a reputation for straight talking since she became the youngest MP ever elected to Westminster in 2015.

It was a reputation she reinforced this week when someone on Twitter – it’s always someone on Twitter – suggested she ‘defo sat foundy classes in school’.

A ‘foundy class’, if you don’t know, is slang for “foundation”, the easiest exam that Scottish pupils took at Standard Grade level, the Scottish equivalent of GCSE.

And here was Black’s reply.

No wonder he deleted his tweet.

And if you don’t know what ‘telt’ is it’s – Google, Google – a verbal battering.

It reminded us of when Black said this.

Which prompted someone to say this.

Black’s reply was 10/10.



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