Hozier – Take Me To Church (Official Video)

Check out the official music video for “Take Me To Church” by Hozier

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Music video by Hozier performing Take Me To Church. (C) 2014 Rubyworks Limited under assignment to Universal Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations Limited

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  1. Well sodomist are sinners not for their sexual preference, that makes them inmoral, ofcourse in the land of my father here in the States is acceptable to a certain extent. See immorality a companion of homosexuality is forgiven as long as the homosexual is aware that his acts are not of good moral in society. Sodomites are sinners because they like well you know the butawski of another male, but if both are in agreement is to their own discretion, where nobody needs to know. What makes it illegal is sodomizing a person which falls on the category of what happened to the young homosexual male in the video an act of violence. My thought to all people that see things in a different perspective than what the so called normal. In this day and age what is normality. Legality is what we should concern oneself, and what is depicted in this video is illegal ofcourse if it were to happen in real life. Best wishes in this good Friday to all the homosexual community members. Although my perspective of love relationship is diffrent, I respect all of you as much as you give respect to me and my loved ones. Cheers and I include the trans genders in my thoughts and prayers, whenever I remember to pray for them.

  2. As an Christian I want to say, God love gay as well. Fake Christians used the bible to cover up their own sins and to bash other people's sins. True Christian know their sinner and weak, but confined in Jesus when lost. God said, only thru Jesus will we enter his kingdom. Jesus said their only two commandments you must follow to get close to him. Love the lord with thy heart and love thy neighbor. He also, said pray for your enemy, because they're lost. Anyone, who preach outside these laws is murdering with thy tongue and using God's name in vain. This is why our world is lost. We love power, more than God. Jesus love us all. He just wants a close relationship with us. Only God can be perfect. Not us.

  3. Ah shit I hated this song when I found out it was about gay people and justified everything the Christians did in this video now that I'm an atheist I always feel odd and emotional listening to this

  4. I hate gay people so I love the video if you're gay pls don't fight me its just my decision you can be anyone a part of LGBTQ its just that god said marriage said that truth marriage is woman +man but you know its 21 st senterie so ? gay people like for freedom

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