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Want to know exactly what it’s gonna take to make your very own cloud lamp? Here are ALL the logistics! Check it out, follow along, and you’ll be enjoying sunsets inside your bedroom in no time! IF YOU WANT TO GO STRAIGHT TO THE SUPPLIES/STEPS – skip to 0:49 and visit my one stop shop page for buying supplies on amazon (affiliate). Some supplies will vary from what I used in the video, but they will work great for creating your own version of this lamp.

Be sure to check out the full blog post HERE:

Also, check out ihascupquake’s video, hers was super inspiring to me!

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Click here for a page with all the supplies in one place! (affiliate)
Paper Lanterns- I couldn’t find the ones I used in the video online, but these would work well:
Varied colors and sizes (affiliate)
Cotton or Stuffing Ultralast Color Changing LED lights (optional) (affiliate)
Glue Gun (affiliate)
Fishing Line (affiliate)
Screw in Hooks (affiliate)
Long extension cord (affiliate)
Classic Fiber Fill

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  1. well thanks…im now making my own cloud lights that RGB with DMX control [stage lights are controlled using this] they are going to be used for my wedding dj entertainment company

  2. LANTERNS ARE NOT NECESSARY!! I used clear tubing from a hardware store (much cheaper) & string the multi-colored remote controlled LED lights!! It looks WAY better & can be color-controlled!!

  3. it turned out better then I thought it would nice job. I think id just screw it up so Im going to just purchase one off of Amazon and they look really nice without being real expensive.

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