5 Unrealistically HARD Vocals That are Not Made for the Singers

Hardest vocals / highest notes from famous singers such as Camila Cabello (w/ Fifth Harmony), Demi Lovato (w/ Christina Aguilera), Leigh-Anne Pinnock (Little Mix), Pia Mia, Mariah Carey…

Vocally Epic (Everything About Fail and Epic Moment)


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  1. Mariah Carey fucked up her vocals over the years so did Christina Aguilera.. Ariana Grande won't even have a voice to sing in 10 years from now… Besides if you have a good voice and practise it you can sing those notes easily. Wanna hear amazing singers that are truly artists? Listen to Celine Dion and Whitney Houston.. Women that own the golden vocals..

  2. People need to remember that everyone can miss a note or mess up a note when it comes to singing. Even the best of the best singers can screw up at times. We need to remember that they're people too.

  3. I have to disagree. Some of these aren’t even difficult. I am being trained to sing broadway and classical and am currently at an intermediate level. E5, F5 + G5 are not hard notes to hit, falsetto or belt.

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  5. FINALLY, someone who knows things about Keys, Octaves and Transpositions! I just wanted to add that, if you KNOW your vocal cords are exhausted, or you're not in good voice, then your band has to be ready to transpose the key down, so that you can hit the notes. If you don't want your fans to hear your notes going flat (and there are some fans out there who have DANG GOOD EARS!), then you take it down…a half step…a whole step…whatever it takes to have the best possible performance… right?

  6. i think demi should not try to sing that note, it’s clearly hurting her. I’ve seen her in concert and she dodged it, it was way nicer and didn’t hurt her

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