Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About "Socialism": A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at President Trump freaking out about the Democrats running for president.
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Trump and Phil Robertson Freak Out About “Socialism”: A Closer Look- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers


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  1. What I wonder is if in his mind he thinks he is better than Obama?

    His voice is actually a brutal experience even without the lies.

    If he didn’t have any his platform I would choose to NEVER listen to his voice again for the rest of my life!!


  2. Education, education, when choosing a person to be the President of the United States of America, you would hope that he be at least an educated man, in the Trump case, most of his follower are exactly who their leader is…a D average crowd …we are in situation critical, I hope we do better in 2020….

  3. GOP claims socialism is bad, you bring up scandinavia, they say scandinavia is capitalist. The GOP claims Bernie Sanders is socialist, you bring up the fact that Bernie Sanders is striving for the scandinavian model. See, you can't eat the cake and have it too. Either Bernie isn't a socialist, or scandinavia isn't capitalist, you can't have em both.

  4. Ok Fox News is one thing a so is Trump. But there are plenty of actual paid reasons why a lot of these things are socialism or are bad. There are many but I dont have the time or energy to list all so I will list the main one, it uses so much taxpayer money and its not really free. Yes people should have opportunities for healthcare but that doesn't mean private insurance should be gone. Private companies are much more reliable than the government also. Having the government do everything creates dependency on the government, which is not good, and THAT leads to socialism. The policies created by the Democrats aren't socialism but they lead to things that cause socialism.

  5. Your opinion should be immediately dismissed, if you mention, even once, Jesus or the bible. If you believe that any of that nonsense is true, then I don't care what you think, on any given subject

  6. What's hilarious, is that the large majority of people, if not all, of the people in Trump's rally booing for socialized healthcare, are the ones who would greatly benefit from it. What idiots.

  7. "I didn't have healthcare for 50 years." Insinuating that he does have it now. What a surprising Christian hypocrite. No, actually it wasn't surprising at all.

    Meanwhile that nut on Fox is a millionaire, so since he's going to be fine in Heaven, I guess he doesn't mind donating all of his money to pay for other people's healthcare? No? I didn't think so.

    Also, Trump FOR YEARS said he supported socialized healthcare. For years! Until he sold his soul (what there was of it) out to the highest bidder, in the form of the Republican base. But like I said, there wasn't much there to sell. And you ALREADY HAVE social programs, you idiots (talking about ADOPTING SOCIALISM – SMH)!!!!

  8. The GOP opposing socialism, does that mean they won't accept Social Security payments? Medicare? Unemployment payments if they need them? They'll say they won't accept them… until they need them of course. Or will the various GOP members across the country send all their children to private school? Some will (and they STILL want tax money to go to private schools), but I'm guessing a number of them use public school. Will they insist on paying the fire department out of pocket when they save your house?

    I loved When Donald Trump said, they're trying to take money from Medicare for socialism, lol. It was fucking hilarious.

  9. Every great country on Earth is a combination of capitalism and socialism, and that includes the United States. The problem here in the US is that we currently have too much unbridled capitalism and too little socialism. It's waaaay past time to remedy that.

  10. Booo the Internet! This Internet is not I grew up with. When I wanted to see celebrity fake nudes I had to warn the household that the phone line will be unavailable for the following three hours. Hooking up to that 56k modem and downloading a handful of pictures was a risky business. What if you didn't like them? And that is how low res thumbnails were born. Of course, you liked all boobs, but it was porn that was behind (some pun intended) some of the great technologies we use today.

  11. For billionaires to exist and there still be impoverished countries is wrong. She's clueless!

    She doesn't have a clue of the sacrifice that goes into starting and growing a business.

    Business owners work harder than anyone else in the world and all she has or cares about is where is my mocha latte.

    Let me hit the streets so I can complain about rich people why I forget to teach my fellow man to work hard and how to make money.

    She's the type that will just keep people in poverty. She plays the victim on everyone's behalf.

  12. Im curious, how much does a cardiologist in Canada make versus in America. Its about $400k/year in the US. I assume its much less in Canada. Someone correct me if im wrong. If there is a huge difference then the talent goes where the money is. So what is the quality of healthcare, where its free, vs the US? If quality is the same then something is definitely wrong here.

  13. Say what you want about trump… but y’all are blind. Have you heard from Isis since he became president? Was more or less money taken from your paycheck? Unemployment up or down? He set out to help the people of America who contribute. Not the free loading whiners, people who wish bad on Trump wish bad on America. Open your eyes people. These “comedians” are all biased.

  14. I am surprised Venezuela is being used as a failure of socialism. In fact it is a failure of capitalism, the ruling party and it's cronies have stolen all the wealth of the country and many disappeared to other countries, leaving Venezuela broke and the resulting suffering of the people, Socialism is ideological and is a concept and non existent. This is also the same with communism as in the current communism, there are still two sets of people, the rich powerful political leaders and the poor community. Also there is no true democracy because elections are rigged, voters prevented from voting. Democratic socialism is more practical as it retains capitalism and at the same time look after the common public. If poverty is eliminated there will be less trouble and the rich can live peacefully. The rich and the companies get their money from the poor and less rich who are the customers.

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