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Calum Scott was a finalist on the UK’s performance show ‘Britain’s Got Talent,’ and thanks to a powerful voice, great songs, and passionate performance style, he’s parlayed it into global acclaim. We’ve previously had him in for a solo performance of “What I Miss Most,” a tribute to his hometown of Hull and a valentine to the way his community there grounds him whenever he feels adrift. This time ’round we got a great performance of “No Matter What,” his latest single and a song that speaks to his personal and artistic growth. It’s part of a performance/interview session that also yielded some revealing candor from the young singer. Don’t miss our accompanying chat where he recounts a painful part of his young adult life – processing the complex emotions of being a gay teen and letting the world around him aware of his sexual orientation. Friends abandoned him early on, and it hurt. But in a poignant profile, he says he found the courage to be honest about himself through music. “I know that there are people young and old struggling with the same questions, and living with that relentless fear and heartbreak. I make the music I do because I want to inspire the right kind of conversations. If one less kid can grow up without hiding who they are along the way or having to believe that who they love is something that will make them lonely, then everything I went through will be worth it.”

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Lika Kumoi

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  1. Love you Calum! Such a beautiful song! I had a very different experience when I came out in 1978, and wound up leaving my family. We didn't really ever speak about it again until about 10 years ago. Thank God for Gay and Lesbian friends. They truly became my family.

  2. I will be 78 coming up this Calum Scott can produce a voice for emotion and memories what a fantastic gift.
    I feel the memories of my parents and the welling up of emotion.

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