Beautiful Euphoric – Melodic – Female Vocal – Uplifting – Progressive Trance Mix #78

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Hello people. My name is Music of Therapy, the millennial and influencer of stress relief music and sounds. I came to this world to motivate, relax, influence, help, uplift and believing in yourself to express the outcoming creation of pure sounds by other artists and myself as well, so that i could demostrate some of the abilities they deserve to succeed in life. Music gives you temporary motivation, while ASMR gives you relaxation and chills to overcome all of your ocassional problems that you may find at the moment. This channel is absolutely therapeutic — that’s where the Channel’s name come from.

For music submissions/artwork from you, it will be greatly appreciated to send it in my business inquire’s email. I will review it and please leave a link to your YouTube channel or Soundcloud or webpage that you have music in it.

? “Drops of relaxation that emerges precipitations” ?

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1. Steve Allen & Cathy Burton – My Awakening (Mart Sine Remix) Uplift Recordings + LYRICS ​
2. Stoneface & Terminal and Ana Criado – My Heart Won’t Tell You No (Frainbreeze Extended Remix)
3. Karanda & Fisher – Gone (Pulse Regime Extended Remix) Amsterdam Trance
4. Trance Classics & Elles de Graaf – So Far Away (Bigtopo & Omar Diaz Rework) + LYRICS​
5. Jon The Dentist & Sunshine Rockerz – Blue Sun (Chris McManus Extended Remix) [Redux Red]
6. Afternova – Remember Me (Night Sky Radio Edit) [Abora Recordings]
7. Sergey Nevone – Unhappy Marionette (Simon O’Shine Remix) [Audioresearch Music]
8. Andrew Rayel feat. Lola Blanc – Horizon (Aether Mix) [inHarmony Music]
9. Sunlounger feat. Zara – Lost (Roger Shah 2018 Update) [Armada Music]
10. DJ T.H. & Linnea Schössow – I’ll Be Your Light (Daniel Kandi Extended Remix) [Auditory Recordings]

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