Korean Girls Show Their Daily Makeup Routine [Korean Bros]

Bambi, Yuni and So-eun’s Korean style makeup!
See how Korean girls put on makeup! 🙂

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  1. I wouldn't care what people say about me, like I can live my live how I want. They are not someone important to me. Like f** u I don't want to wear make up and what can u do about it, it's my choice if I want to or not.

  2. In my university barely anyone wears make up to class but they dress very nice. I'm the only one in my group who wears make up every single day but I do it because it's fun. Also for the question about doing your make up in the bus – if you do it in my country people will think you're crazy.

  3. I work as pharmacist assistant and I don't wear any make up because it takes too much of my time and it doesn't last all day. I only wear make up on Saturday when I go out with my best friend.

  4. I don't know about worldwide, but in the region of America I live in at least, I feel like people care less when you don't wear make-up. If you do, you can be a "try-hard". If you don't wear make-up at all, they ignore you or just don't care.

  5. In my university, it basically depends on whether you're an early riser or not. But most of the time it depends on whether we're in the middle of exams or swamped with CIAs. Everyone dresses and puts on makeup on the first day of the semester, on birthdays and college fests. No one has the time to judge for the way to dress or present yourself in college actually as long as you show up.

  6. I do a heavy makeup to go to school (I'm in high School in Brazil (I'm Brazilian) so no problem use here) and I really don't care 'bout what people say, they don't pay my makeup 😀

  7. I personally loved that people actually gave a shit about their appearance while I was In Korea. I currently live in a college town in the US and it's sad LOL I look like I'm "dressed up" 90% of the time if I'm wearing something other than a tee shirt which is always cause I don't wear tee shirts.

  8. I only heard "in Korea they do that…" "in Korea is acceptable that.." "in Korea if you don't do that they judge you.." I never heard "I LIKE to do that…" "I feel CONFIDENT to do that…"
    It's sad and it's hypocritic and I'm sure they would look alot better with makeup they actually liked, cause to be honest they did the exact same thing, and not everyone suits the same.

  9. Typical Korean girls. They still look the same without it.
    They just hide the imperfections.
    Chinese girls hide everything about themselves and they look totally different.

    I love Koreans.

  10. oh god if people tell me my makeup is too much im like hell yeah thank you, I dont like natural girl MORE IS MORE lmao Im gonna do it however I want so mind ur own business idc

  11. Y'all just do whatever the f you want to do if you want to do crazy heavy make up do it if you want to do simple makeup do it if you don't want to put makeup on then don't. I just can stand that people are judged by their looks you live for yourself and not for people ! I don't put makeup on daily but when I do ( once or twice a week ) a do cut-crease , smokey eye etc. I play with makeup because makeup is art and even thought people are watching me must of them compliment my makeup .One day a girl at school talked to her friend behind my back and she said " that's to much makeup " I turned around and answered " that's to much makeup ? Imma put more next week then !" Who got time to waste for meaningless people PERIODT

  12. literally was putting on my nature republic shea butter cream when the girl said it was the best product in the world. Seriously, if you have dry skin it is amazing. stopped all of my winter flaking.

  13. okay so im from Denmark, and right now i go to like our version of college. but like some days i dont wear makeup (most days, im lazy af) but other days i have a full face of makeup. and i do like crazy color lids ( orange, yellow, pink, red, you name it i have done it just for a school day) bright lips (dark red, gold, shimmery green)and so on, because if im gonna wear makeup you better notice it ^^ also i used to do my makeup everyday in the bus to school, and sometimes people would give me a little weird look, but most of the time people ether ignored it or gave me the "you got this" look.

  14. I know how that one girl feels with the YouTube videos the beauty gurus always do foundation first.. personally I do my eyebrows then my eyes and then foundation. It's faster and easier so the eye shadow doesn't mess up and I never have to touch up. 🙂

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