DIY E-Collar

An Elizabethan collar, E-Collar, or pet cone is a protective medical device worn by an animal, usually a cat or dog. Shaped like a truncated cone, its purpose is to prevent the animal from biting or licking at its body or scratching at its head or neck while wounds or injuries heal.
Today I share this easy tutorial on how to make an E-Collar hopefully this video will be helpful. Thanks for watching.


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  1. Thanks for this idea & video. My cat has a cut on her head that she won't leave alone. And, I'm broke–but luckily have all these materials. She's going to hate it; but, tough shit.

  2. I haven't tried this yet, but it seems to me that you want to tape the cone closed around the neck so the cat won't be able to push it out. Taping the collar size first and slipping it onto the cat's neck means it can easily get out of it.

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