The ridiculous fee for this freelance work has got people up in arms The Poke

The freelance jobs market can be an absolute jungle, with unscrupulous businesses lying in wait to take advantage of struggling workers, not to mention desperate competitors ready to undercut your carefully calculated fee. A perfect example of one of the pitfalls is the incredibly low pay offered to workers in a flooded market, like this offer via an online copywriting agency.

We’d like to hope that nobody took them up on the offer and they were eventually forced to either pay a better fee or do the damn work themselves. When Redditor, seagullet, shared the post with the sarcastic heading “Tempting offer …”, the sheer nerve of the prospective employer really struck some nerves.

One Redditor, Zintia, had a suggestion:

“Ask for exposure bucks, I bet they have tons of that!”

Source: Reddit

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