Online Vs. Real-Life Shopping Challenge: Beach Vacation Outfit

“I just want to go home.”

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Becky's outfit looked more put together, like she had a theme with her colours. I don't think the hat or yellow kimono works for Chloes

  2. I was just thinking how hard it is to buy bikinis online. Downside to shopping in store though is that there isn't a lot of variety but you can try them on

  3. I would love love love to see a shopping challenge to do with full outfits bought from op shops (thrift stores), either going to multiple stores to get a complete outfit for a special occasion such as wedding guest, bridesmaid, white tie, black tie, summer cocktail party.
    Then similar focusing on only retro/vintage fashion for the same event options, but they must be genuine retro/vintage and not reproductions of the era.
    A full bridal outfit from thrift stores or retro/vintage would also be entertaining.
    Accessories, shoes, bridal veil, jewlery etc (apart from underwear and stockings, those can be reproduction if doing vintage/retro themed outfits).
    It is all about sustainable recycled fashion.
    You can have the items of clothing tailored (if retro/vintage) or even the fabric in the item of clothing recut and designed to fit you (if not retro/vintage) by someone that you know can help you in this. But they must do this free of charge.
    If doing non retro/vintage then maybe 2-3 complete outfits (mix and match allowed but each outfit MUST look very different).
    You can buy ribbons, lace trims etc to personalise the items of clothing from second hand stores only (as someone who loves to buy secondhand fashion from thrift stores, I know this can be done. I even buy fabrics, buttons, sometimes reused from another piece of second hand clothing because I love the buttons or lace trim but can reuse the fabric in that clothing item to make something else to wear), zips, threads, beads (jewlery can be reused as trims and details to recycle a plain dress) and patterns.
    No point in setting a budget for retro/vintage as that can be more expensive for genuine items. But a budget for 2-3 outfits suitable for a cocktail party from a standard thrift store could have a budget set.
    A time challenge of 3-4 weeks to get the complete outfits and make any alterations needed.
    I dare you. It is a fun challenge that will really require you to know where the best second hand clothing places are.
    Then do a fashion show for your workmates and they blind score so no one knows who scored what.
    Oh and one last thing. These outfits must be something that you would love to wear again (bridal dress being the exception).

  4. Okay, but how can they live in California and not know strappy sandals are HORRIBLE for the beach. As soon as you step on the beach sand gets in, causes painful chaffing and at worst bad blistering

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