How to Decode a Secret Message! (DIY Decoder) | D.I.SPY

Today’s assignment from Head Quarters: spies-in-training Izzy and Kaiden must spy decode secret messages. Watch to learn how to make DIY invisible ink and a decoder.

Decoder Template Part 1:
Decoder Template Part 2:

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Starring Kaiden Chapman and Izzy Newman

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  1. this encryption with the rotating circle is the first ever invented encryption
    it was invented and used by julius ceaser (therefor cryptographers refer to it as the ceaser cypher)
    he shifted 3 letters to the right
    while his nephew, nero shifted one letter to the left
    it is not clear if the encryption stayed secure for long
    but it did the job for many years
    later they used a cypher key meaning a sequence of numbers like 23534
    the receiver got the key before the message
    he then knew to shift the first letter 2 spots to the right
    the second letter 3 spots
    the third letter 5 spots… and so on
    more recent encryption use more mathematical methods
    but the ceaser cypher is the one that started it all
    im happy to see that you guys teach this to our children

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