GUNSHIP – Fly For Your Life [Official Music Video]


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GUNSHIP has been described as a neon soaked, late night, sonic getaway drive, dripping with analog synthesizers, cinematic vocals and cyberpunk values, all exploding from the front cover of a dusty plastic VHS case which has lain forgotten since 1984.

GUNSHIP’s debut music video for “Fly For Your Life” is a short tale about demons that slumber deep in the human soul. The animation is from an original film called “Paths of Hate”, directed by Damian Nenow, and produced by Platige Image ( This film was officially licensed and edited into the “Fly For Your Life” music video by GUNSHIP.

Original animation officially licensed – “Paths of Hate”
Edited by Dan Haigh at
Music written and produced by GUNSHIP
Mixed by Carl Bown at Treehouse Studios

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Здрaвствуйте!

    Бывало ли у Вac тaк: Вы сняли хoрошeе видео, пoтрaтили кучу врeмени нa мoнтаж, влoжили душу, нo пpocмoтpoв oнo не набираeт?

    Вcе делo в тoм, что для набоpa пpоcмoтpов сpaзу после публикации poликa eму неoбходимo дать cтapтoвый "тoлчoк" в виде нeскoлькиx тыcяч пpоcмoтpов.

    Для этогo oтличнo пoдxoдит сеpвис "Вибум", в кoтopом зa пaру кликов можно рaзмecтить вашe видeо нa cотняx плoщaдoк.

    С Сeрвисoм Вы получаетe:

    – Живые пpоcмотpы нa Вaши видeopолики
    – Пpиpocт подпиcчиков нa канaл
    – Cтаpтoвый "толчок" для вашeго видео, послe которoгo оно aктивнee пoдхватывaeтся алгoритмами YouTube и начинает пpиноcить пpocмoтры уже на aвтомaте
    – Никакиx ботов и нaкрутoк, тoлько pеальныe пoльзoватели, кoтоpым интepеceн Ваш контeнт
    – Сeрвис нe нарушaет пpавилa YouTube

    Oцeнить paботу сеpвиcа можно тут:

  2. That fury, how glorious! These truly know the meaning of war! To give all that you have for a cause, and to strive to accomplish your mission, even beyond your simple tools of war. These are no soldiers, these are warriors!
    Edit: And now I see that these grand men continued to strive for victory even beyond their own bodies! This is the epitome of what a man must be, to pursue his cause beyond his death.

  3. My ole man emulates these men. While the song brings back early 80's memories of carefree days and blissful nights, the monster within him has blossomed from a career of fighting wars in other countries. After retirement, his demons were pushed deep but still lingered. He longs for his fallen brothers on the battlefield. But even more, wants to return to those arenas where he feels most in control. The only thing preventing him is his broken body and newfound love of family. But I know he won't rest easy until either those demons are exercised or excised. And I keep falling in love with him every day.

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