A US news show told some hard truths about a No Deal Brexit and it’s not a good look The Poke

Whenever a politician or news outlet on the UK side of the Atlantic warns of potential downsides of a no-deal Brexit, certain quarters of the press accuse them of treason, but in the US, they’re beyond the reach of the right-wing red top and its ilk. This fact left MSNBC’s Business and Economics correspondent, Ali Velshi, free to tell it like it is – so he did.

“Border checks re-imposed

The rights of EU & UK citizens living abroad come into question

Trade woes: British exports to the EU face tariffs”

It’s not a good look.

Twitter users reacted strongly to the clip.


Author and cartoonist, Iron Spike, literally couldn’t believe the predictions, thought they’re not sure why.

Sadly, the UK Government seems to be using the same logic.

The full version is here, if you’d like to see it.

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