Who Made The Best First Impression On Colton Underwood? | The Bachelor US

The new season of The Bachelor is under way, here are some of the most memorable entrances from night one. Who was your favorite?

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Season: 23 Episode: 1
Bachelor: Colton Underwood

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. 2:23 is where the sloth comes in but i'd reccomend watching the whole clip because theres other funnier highlights like the girls' reaction to other girls.. Especially the bag of nuts girl reacting to the 'cinderella' ?

  2. im excited for the sloth entrance but the bachelor is such a vanity show so the first impression is the last impression. so showing up a sloth can go two way she can go home first or become viral outside the show.

  3. Y’all downing that sloth but dear god I’m still rolling from it!! Like, yeah she could have been faster but imagine the GALL it takes to come onto a show like this with THAT as your entrance

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