Truck Drivers & Truck Stop Park Fails 2018


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  1. Many [most] of these incidents are due to inexperienced drivers — not watching their mirrors, driving the truck instead of the trailer, not being aware of their surroundings (or willing to get out of the truck and LOOK). But one issue is with the industry itself: many older places for delivery (and older truck stops) were designed for 40' trailers (and maybe the 42' flatbeds). When 48' trailers became common, it was relatively easy to accommodate by sliding axles and wiggling in. When 53' became the standard, the extra room needed in some areas just isn't available. And if you slide the axles forward too far, tail-swing becomes a real problem. If there isn't enough room physically to turn, well, you have a real problem.

    But bottom line is, the driver is responsible for keeping everything safe… whatever it takes. I've had my share of "really close calls" but never damaged anything (well, maybe scratched a street sign in tight quarters…). 😉

  2. lol 1st & last video is from swift. too funny, worst trucking company ever. least in my opinion, went to their lil paid training school. complete garbage. didnt sign contract best decision i ever made.

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