Hidden Meanings Behind Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Video Explained

Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ has become an overnight cultural phenomenon. The internet was quick to point out tons of hidden messages throughout the piece. Here’s some you’ve might have missed.

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Produced by: Alana Yzola

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. I'm amazed with the response this has created – this thread of discussion, thoughts, interpretations. It has people talking and sharing and trying to help one another understand. Much is being brought out into the open. Thanks for this thread. Work of art, work of genius.

  2. I honestly cried when it first dropped. They did an amazing job and the video itself is a good talking point to use to explain to others that might not quite understand the places some other humans are in

  3. Mechale M

    1 second ago

    @Boneless Communism Really, DUDE, that's not all the injustices faced by Black ppl in America, AND that's the only FEW injustices you are aware of, because… They don't matter to you, so you don't pay attention… That's what the song is about…

    To show you stuff, you are unaware of, because you don't pay attention…

  4. Rather than the dancing children representing social media or anything, I think it’s more the case that we protect children in this country from anything that might cause them emotional discomfort. Rather than talk with our kids about the issues our country faces, it’s easier to ignore the violence and just keep dancing. Murders, mass shootings, brutality built into a culture so deep that it’s all but ignored and denied by those not experiencing it or witnessing it first hand—these are things that can be danced off, especially in neighborhoods where they can afford uniforms like those.
    That is, until gun violence becomes an unavoidable part even of childhood, represented by the finger gun and the 17 seconds for Parkland.

  5. Black face scared you…please! Blacks killing blacks every day should scare you more, but let's not talk about the truth. Read your history, the Democratic party are the founders of the KKK and they lie to get your vote. Booker T Washington said there will be black people whom will keep black people down and keep spinning the race card. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have done nothing for black communities. Guess I would be a racist if I dressed up like Medea…. What ever! Keep crying about all the racist crap and keep listening to ignorant people.

  6. This song just won the Grammy Song of the Year.

    And, while it – and more significantly, the video -portray the evils that do happen in America – it fails to acknowledge the GOOD in America. Certainly, enough GOOD that, symbolically, running away from America suggests that ALL of America is evil.
    God chose what bodies He placed our SOULS in. And He, alone, chose the race of that body. Not you or me.
    It is not “race” that determines what America is.
    It’s the choice between GOOD and EVIL that we make, each one of us – regardless of our “race” – that makes this America – and the world what it is.

    There is a greater conflict than this song/video could ever capture.
    It is the daily spiritual warfare between good and evil in the heart of every one of us that will be won or lost in this life. When our souls leave these bodies of EVERY race that God wrapped them in for this temporal life -to face Him to account for our own choices, between good and evil in this life.

    No, this only reflects some of man’s capacity for evil.
    Something that is only matched by his capacity for GOOD.

    And that is a choice.

    As always, God’s Will be done.


  7. I really like this song. I love how he made the vid…..Its great to see someone feels as trapped as I do….Sometimes I feel like I am stuck in one if those old twilight zone shows where no one can see what I see or what is happening around us all. It is refreshing ,to say the least, that someone else sees it. There is SO much Racism coming from blacks to whites to whites to blacks and gun violence and god SOOOOO much more. It is scary when you really get down and dirty with the facts. Ignorance is bliss and we seem to be swimming it in. People need to wake up.

  8. In the final scenes you see old Toyota’s, Honda’s, a Lincoln, and a Cadillac. The cars look to be late 70’s, early 80’s models. This is a time when America began to lose its foothold on the automobile industry. Japanese cars began to outsell American cars and American dominance in the automobile industry began to decline.

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