10 DIY Making The Smallest Slime In The World / Clever Barbie Hacks And Crafts

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Do you like slimes? We adore it! And we like to play with our beloved Barbie dolls too. So today we decided to combine these two activities, and make a lot of tiny slimes for playing with dolls. What came out of this you’ll know from our new video!

Supplies and tools
• Stationery glue
• Colorings
• Borax solution
• Plastic thimble
• Sandpaper
• Flower shaped sequin
• Jewelry supply pin
• Toothpick
• Empty laundry detergent bottle
• Utility knife
• Acrylic paints
• Foil cardboard
• Hole puncher
• Hot glue gun
• Cocktail straw
• Button
• Small sieve
• Snap fastener
• Tiny beads
• Cutting pliers
• Slime glue
• Gel laundry detergent
• Baking soda
• Water
• Glitter
• Lens solution
• Fruit nail decor
• Makeup sponge
• Empty paint pot
• Patterned self-adhesive paper
• Thread
• Marker
• Clear confectionery syringe nozzle
• Parchment paper
• Vaseline
• Little Starbucks logo
• Ready slime
• Clear plastic
• Candle
• Big bead
• Semi sphere
• Scissors
• Awl
• Thin wire
• White glue
• Printed mini Skittles package
• Clear tape
• Double sided tape
• Tweezers
• Kinder Surprise container
• Glittering self-adhesive foam rubber sheet
• Hair brush
• Hairdryer

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  1. I have the pink dress doll her name is Alexa that smile cactus park that doll i love troom troom a lot make a new video for parking your best friends that video can you make please please please please can you you're videos are fun and nice and even the best videos

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