Cato’s B-Day Party (Featuring 2 New Music Videos by BC Fam)

Happy Birthday Cato! This is a Music Monday upload. We wanted to show our support for some of the artist coming up in our city.. Check out this Cato’s party and mixed in 2 music videos that we like! Hope you enjoy. Let us know what you think of this new “Music Monday” series. New 1v1 matches every Friday!

First Music Video: “Whoa” by G.A.Daniels, featuring QCarter

Second Music Video: “Shooters” by QCarter

Follow Cato on Instagram: iamcatoatx
Zeke: luggee23

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. Some advice…This video- and videos like it- should be labelled as "extra content" and should be put on a separate YouTube Channel (maybe one centered on behind-the-scenes stuff?).

    Based solely on the V1F videos I've seen, Cato seems like a cool cat. However, I watch this channel to see competitive 1-on-1 basketball. That's it. That's the niche you guys have. You have a brilliant app for 1-on-1 basketball and engaging 1-on-1 videos.

    I fear that posting these kinds of "extra content" vids (on this channel) will turn away those who come to V1F just for hoops. Personally, I despise censorship and have no problems with people having a good time. But some V1F fans might hate the language, environment, and music in this video. Don't mess up a good thing, fellas.

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