DIY Coffee Scrub- Rhian HY/ WIFELIFE

♡ M O R E I N F O B E L O W ♡

Perfect for winter skin AND you can put your used coffee grounds to good use!

For more info and other tips on customizing this scrub-

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I N S T A G R A M – @wifelife
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S N A P C H A T – rhianhy
V I N E – Rhian HY
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❥ Madam Glam Gel Nail Polish 30% off- with the code YGEL30OFF
❥ rep code- WIFELIFE 20% off your first order and 10% off the rest
❥ RHIANHY 5% off your order
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F A Q –

❥ My septum ring is from BVLA which aren’t available online but you can check your local stockists on their website-

❥ My glasses are Marc by Marc Jacobs style: MMJ 513 in white/grey.

❥ I am indeed English but moved to the US 8 years ago, hence the confused accent.

❥ I’m happily married.

❥ My dogs are a French Bulldog named Balthazar and a Prague Ratter named Pickle.

❥ I film with a Canon 70D.

❥ I live in very Northern Michigan.


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  1. Lavender and orange essential oils are great scents for what you described but extremely irritating on your skin whether you can see the irritation or not they're damaging your skins barrier making it harder for good nutrients to absorb into your skin and making you skin more prone to damage from the sun and other free radicals. Research on lavender has also shown that lavender can cause skin cell death. check it out here with the research notes :

    While you're there check out the Paula's Choice range I think you'll like it they have a strong stance on animal testing and offer an all natural range but also provide independent scientific research behind claims of products and ingredients. The site itself is a bit of a black hole if you love skin care and ingredient research and they're a bit controversial going against what you here in the media against certain ingredients like sulfates, parabens and mineral oil but offer very solid rationale and independent research around why they go against what media says about them. They have a youtube channel as well!

    I swear I don't work for them just an avid skin care lover who happens to work in advertising for another very large global cosmetics and skincare company and definitely understand the influence of marketing (yet still completely get sold on it myself! despite knowing all the tricks!!) Just wanted to share the love and knowledge 🙂

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