Totinos with Kristen Stewart – SNL

The big game brings more than just the guys together. [Season 42, 2017]

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Written by Yaipoo


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  1. This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen what's this got to do with guys watching football and eating pizza rolls just another way to destroy the sanctity of marriage between a man and a woman absolutely disgusting Hollywood dogshit giving a good women thoughts in your minds 2 cheat on your husbands or your boyfriend's because of lust so many weak-minded women love this kind of crap and honestly even destroys the sanctity of true gay marriage when two people love each other and do things for each other Weatherby man woman man man woman woman there not be glorification of infidelity.

  2. This was not funny and nothing but another gay agenda I'm so sick of SNL pushing homosexuality, lesbianism and trying to make it funny ?people need to open their eyes that satan is behind these ideas and sketches he's always thought that man falling was funny. This is a Married woman giving in to a am unnatural thought ,Leviticus 18:22 kjv

  3. You tube sure has some trashy crap on their channel-all for a few bucks. Lesbianism and homosexuality are destroying America and it's Christian values. Shame on you tube for running this detrimental trash!!!!!

  4. Normally Kristen Stewart is ugly as fu(k, but, that's the second time they actually had her looking good. She's gay in real life so this shouldn't be to much of a stretch for her, LOL. What does Totinos think about this skit ????, probably ain't happy with it.

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