Emmerdale: Mimi Slinger character Leanna’s past explored after Bernice twist

Mimi Slinger Emmerdale: The soap has revealed a tragic secret about her character Leanna [ITV]

Emmerdale revealed a tragic secret about Leanna Cavanagh, played by actress Mimi Slinger, in Wednesday’s episode after she witnessed what had happened to Bernice.

The teen was left devastated when her taunting towards stepmother Bernice about her age and appearance led to shocking events.

Worried about looking too old, Bernice ordered botox injections from the internet, unaware they were dodgy.

What happened to Bernice in Emmerdale? The character suffered an anaphylactic shock after dodgy botoxWhat happened to Bernice in Emmerdale? The character suffered an anaphylactic shock after dodgy botox [ITV]

Emmerdale revealed Lenna's mum died when she was a childEmmerdale revealed Lenna’s mum died when she was a child [ITV]

The botched treatment left her suffering from anaphylactic shock, with pal Kerry rushing her to hospital.

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Leanna was horrified after witnessing Bernice’s reaction, and was left in tears at the hospital as she feared Bernice would die.

It was revealed the character could have permanent paralysis to her face, leaving her loved ones concerned.

Bernice could be left paralysed Bernice could be left paralysed

But Leanna’s father made a heartbreaking confession about the reason Leanna may have reacted the way she did, with her backstory explored.

Liam Cavanagh confirmed his late wife, Leanna’s mother, died when she was just a child after suffering an allergic reaction.

Leanna was in the room at the time and witnessed her mother’s death, leaving her traumatised.

Emmerdale spoilers: Fans have slammed Leanna Cavanagh for a 'disgusting' comment she made on Tuesday's episodeThe teen’s backstory will be explored [ITV]

Liam actor Jonny MacPherson recently discussed the twist, and told Digital Spy: “Leanna is, without question, very troubled. 

“But through the Botox story, it comes to light that the reason Leanna is so troubled is that Dr Cavanagh’s first wife – and her mum – died of an anaphylactic shock.

“So this will bring stuff back for Leanna as well. You discover more about Leanna and why she behaves the way she does. She’s not just pure evil. Although some of the stuff she does is pretty bad!”

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