EastEnders’ Ray escapes from police and attacks Mel and Hunter – but who dies?

EastEnders: Fans are set to be shocked by upcoming scenes [BBC]

Fans are desperate to find out what is going to happen to EastEnders villain Ray Kelly.

He was last seen being arrested at the end of an action-packed New Year’s Day episode that left viewers in shock. 

However, it turns out the undercover cop will escape from police in the two-part episode that’s set to leave fans of the BBC soap in awe. 

The storyline is set to reach boiling point in a terrifying showdown [BBC ]

Ray is desperate for revenge, and it will lead to a dramatic showdown between himself and Mel Owen in the woods. 

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While it first looks like one of the pair will die, it’s been suggested that an “unexpected” character may actually bite the dust.

A new trailer sees Hunter Owen calling out Ray on his lies, while Mel and her son have a showdown against him in the woods. 

Mel and son Hunter will battle it out against Ray [BBC ]

Fans are convinced Ray is going to murder Hunter [BBC ]

Hunter says: “You said mum was the only one for you.”

However, Ray insists that there are “two sides to every story” as he continues to lie to Hunter.

Ray then flops and begins to attack a terrified Mel as she and Hunter try to break into their car to escape. 

The two-part episode airs on Thursday night [BBC ]

It then cuts to a scene where Hunter is heard saying: “No dad, please.”

EastEnders viewers are now convinced that Hunter is going to end up being brutally killed in the shocking two-parter. 

One viewer tweeted: “So I’m guessing hunter gets killed”. 

While a second fan said: “Hunter is going to die”. 

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