Tyla Carr reveals worries about not feeling overwhelming love for son Archie

Tyla Carr and her boyfriend Rossco Edmonds have shown off their baby boy Archie [OK! magazine]

Love Island star Tyla Carr, 25, welcomed her first son with boyfriend Rossco Edmonds on 13 December.

Tyla has now opened up about how she felt immediately after Archie arrived by C-section – and opened up on how she worried when she wasn’t overcome with an “unbelievable rush of love” for her baby boy. 

The brunette went on to explain that as soon as she returned home with Archie and it all sank in, she was overcome with a love that she has never felt before. 

Tyla shared a gorgeous naked picture of herself and her bump to her Instagram account, as she opened up to her 427,000 followers. 

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She wrote: “Cannot believe I was going to meet @archie.edmonds the day after this photo was taken. How did my baby even fit in my tummy! Crazy. 

“They talk about this unbelievable rush of love you get when your baby is born. Which for me felt strange when I didn’t feel that AS SOON as he came out.

Tyla gushed about becoming parents just a day before she gave birth Tyla revealed she was worried when she wasn’t overcome with an “unbelievable rush of love” for her baby boy[Tyla Carr/ Instagram]

“I’m not sure if it was because I had a C section and it was an emergency so it didn’t have time to kick in? 

“Of course I love him dearly and that moment is so magical, but it wasn’t necessarily overwhelming. I was worried at first, thinking that this was a sign of postnatal depression. 

“Long story short, soon as I got him home and it had all sunk in, I got that overwhelming rush of pure LOVE like I’ve never felt before, I just couldn’t stop staring at him and wanting to kiss him and cuddle him 24/7. 

Tyla Carr is due to welcome her first child with her boyfriend Ross in DecemberTyla Carr kept fans updated on her pregnancy before giving birth in December[Tyla Carr/ Instagram]

“I finally felt normally and stopped worrying that I was the worst mum in the world and that I had something wrong with me. 

“Everyone’s experience is different, some people cope better than others, all we can do as mum’s is just ride the wave and have faith in ourselves. 

“There is no way to be a perfect mother but there are billions of ways to be a good one.”

Tyla is besotted with her baby boy and told her followers motherhood is different for everyone Tyla is besotted with her baby boy and told her followers that motherhood is different for everyone [Tyla Carr/ Instagram]

Tyla’s followers commented on her post to praise for being so honest about new motherhood, while others revealed that they felt the same way. 

One person said: “So ‘normal’ and BRAVE for you to say this.”

A second follower said: “@tylarosie I am glad you wrote that i kept getting told about the rush of love and when i didn’t get i thought there was something wrong with me. My wee girl came into the world got plopped on my chest and she peed on me. I thought oh man. In the middle of that i woke up and just looked at her then the love came rushing through. Well done for putting this out there. And congratulations xx.”

A third person wrote: “So great to see someone being so real and honest! Your right everyone’s experience is different and no mum she feel bad or guilty for that!! Your little boy is beautiful you should be very proud of yourself. My daughter is almost 6 weeks it’s been a rollercoaster but so so worth it!! Xx.”

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