These Are The Real ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ | Harper’s BAZAAR

Crazy Rich Asians author Kevin Kwan travels to Paris to meet the Asian style icons who are shaking up the staid world of couture.

Featuring Feiping Chang, Rachel and Michelle Yeoh, and Heart Evangelista.

Read Kevin Kwan’s feature here:

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  1. You dont have to be Rich to look Good and satisfy yourself. Its all about TASTE and a Better understanding of Yourself on Whats looks Good to You . Everything comes naturally without pretending . Everything can be learned including Manners . Being Poor is not a hindrance to have a stunning Looks .

  2. Painting the purse nice good idea love it but so sorry to say this but the cloth don't like it not my style dont care if it designed by a famous person or not some people just go too far that it look outrageous..

  3. the rich fashionable people from America, Asia and Middle East…. has their own style and way of showing to the world. my fave is the asian style, even if they dont speak and just walking- you feel the regal aura and elegance from that rich fashionable person.

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