A boy tells his story of his succesful father, what is a stereotypical rich kid, being ambitious, not caring about what people think and how he is creating a world for himself with a production company and a Fashion brand.

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  1. I think he just wanted to express his life through the video not telling people how to live it , He just wants to be someone who is known for himself, I don't think he deserves the hate .

    Peace guys✌️

  2. Yeah but like u say u want to make something for urself. But because of the position ur in u can be more successful than someone who tries even harder than u, mainly because u have the resources to expose urself. Take myself for example. I work hard and for the amount I've done u got 5000 times more acknowledgment in one video then I have through all my views combined. So people can still say that u r much better off. Because it's the reality of it.

  3. You can’t say you’re gonna try and make something of yourself and that you’ll try to work hard in order to not be a rich kid stereotype but then enrol yourself into a rich high class elite boarding school with other rich kids and famous people … you need to start from the very bottom. Even after you went to this school you ended up ditching it to party in France … yeah totally not a spoilt rich kid

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