Dollar Tree DIY Banner for 4th of July!

Hi friends! Just bringing you a quick little DIY I put together for the 4th of July using things from the Dollar Tree!


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  1. Love this! I will have to go pick up some more bandanas. I already picked up a 2 piece set of each to make pillow covers with but I love how this looks as well. I've even seen them lined under décor in the home.Thanks for sharing!

  2. Turned out cute , they also make cute pillows and I buy the bandanas every season and put them on my dog, Plus I line my bread baskets with bandanas . There is a lot of use for them. Can't beat that price☺

  3. That turned out so cute! I was just at the DT and saw these bandanas and was wondering what I could do with them. I think I’ll go back and get some them to make this. You’re so creative! ? I wanted to tell you I made 3 of the flags like the one you did a tutorial on recently. I then mailed them to family and friends as a little 4th of July gift. ??

  4. Hi Val, what a Cute rag banner!! I'd love to make one but I know my DT are out of the flag bandanas. They were gonna awhile ago already!! TF a great tutorial! BTW I keep forgetting I love your Hair Cut!! HUGS ??

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