DIY Dog Feeder


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First thing I’m going to do is cut the top of my dog feeder. The measurements of my top are 18”x9”. I’m using a 1×10 that I had and shaving off some from the sides. You can also use a table saw for this, but as you will see later in this video, table saws stress me out, so I avoid them at all costs.

I traced around my dishes and then cut just INSIDE the lines. It is important to cut inside the lines or else your doggy dished will fall right through!

I drilled a hole in my circles so I could fit my jigsaw blade in to cut out the circles.

I sanded the edges using a sanding bit and a drill. You could also use a sanding block, dremel, or spindle sander for this part.

I gave It a quick sand all the way around with an orbital sander and then stained it and let it dry,

While my top was drying I used my table saw to cut a handful of strips for my framed herringbone design on the sides. My strips were 1 ¼” wide.

Then I used my miter saw to cut the pieces to length. The pieces for my frame we 9” for the top and bottom and 7”for the sides and then cut on 45” angles on both ends.

My herringbone pieces were 2 3/8”” long. I highly recommend making a jig for this part so that all of your pieces are the exact same length.

I gave all the edges a quick sand using my palm sander. you could use a sanding block or skip this step all together.

I laid out my herringbone design, set the frame on top, and then traced the frame on so I could see where my cuts needed to be made.

I used a scroll saw to trim the herringbone pieces.

I glued my frame on first and let it dry and then glued the herringbone pieces inside the frame and then gave it a quick sand.

I used four pieces of 1×2 to add stability and attach the sides to the top. I screwed one 8” piece to each side and then framed the sides together by air nailing a 15” strip to the front and back.

Then I glued on the top, clamped it, and let it dry.


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  1. Getting better with sound. Couple notes: In the begining there's voice on the left channel only. (You can convert it to mono). The rest of the video, voice is too low. I have to turn my volume up to hear you but then music is too loud and I have to turn my volume down.
    At the end when you're talking to the camera, your voice goes back to the left channel only. I like what you do with the music.

    I hope this helps and i'm not annoying you :p It's the recording engineer in me.

    Greetings from Mexico 😀

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