Cockatoo Bird Attacks Owner | Angry Birds

While training her bird to sit on a pumpkin during Halloween, this pet owner becomes startled when her cockatoo decides it’s playing by its own rules.
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  1. The bird was slipping off her hair and was trying to grab onto something to avoid falling. People make this mistake all the time and love to get mad at the bird instead of their own stupidity. Contrary to popular belief, the best way to handle a bird is not on your shoulders.

  2. Allways where I protection with these birds and try to keep them away from your face, I have a umbrella she sweet but when she get mad she bits, and it's a blood bite

  3. I love this video she got exactly what she deserves for talking like a fucking idiot if I were there and heard her talking like that I would have knocked her out so good I hope he fucks her right up dumb ass

  4. This can be very common when cockatoos are trained not to scream for attention but the figured out to get attention by attacking their owner for attention.

  5. people in this comment section are idiots. She reacted automatically, reflexively. Those birds weren't injured after that, and that's a cockatoo, they bite HARD, you need stitches levels of hard, and they will lash out over really small stuff. They're like emotional toddlers and anybody saying it only did that because she abuses them has clearly never owned a parrot.
    And her repeating that phrase was likely to get the bird to attempt saying it, because shocker, you teach birds to speak by repeating phrases at them and high voices tend to work better with a lot of birds. She also may have just been doing it because the other bird was clearly enjoying it.

  6. Either she mistreated those birds before or she doesn't know how to care for cockatoos ESPECIALLY cockatoos. I gave up on even trying to have one because I don't feel I would have the capacity to take care of one rightly

  7. People like this really shouldn’t be allowed to have birds. Or they should at least have enough common sense to realize “I cannot take care of this animal or handle it’s outbursts in a proper way. I should find it a home where it will get the love and care it actually needs”

  8. I'm not an expert and correct me if I'm wrong, I understand a humans reaction when they get bit all of a sudden, but I read that you aren't supposed to flail like that and scream at them? Doesn't it just reinforce the behaviour?

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