5 Things American Tourists Shouldn’t Wear in Europe

Please Note: Young People Wear Many of These Styles Throughout Europe. These tips are geared toward 35+ year old travelers. Thanks for watching!

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Heading to Europe & Not Sure What to Pack? Here are a few things that my fellow US travelers may want to avoid packing if they are traveling to Europe.
1. Baseball Caps: Europeans in general do not wear baseball caps, especially backwards. You would be better served to wear a more traditional hat. You will see an occasional NY Yankee hat, but why not buy the fancy hat you always wanted instead?
2. Athletic Wear: Europeans tend to wear athletic wear to do sports, not to wear around town. There is a trend of more athleisurewear in Europe, but it is not to the extent that there is in US.
3. Khakis: the omnipresent US male pant choice is not something you will see too often in Europe. Go for colored pants or jeans. If you want khaki like pants wear Chinos instead of Dockers. The pants you will see are a thinner cut or “skinnier” fit than in the US.
4. Oversized US University Sweatshirts.
5. Sport Shoes or High Heals: US sport shoes and white socks are not quite as popular in Europe as they are in the US. You may be better off with Urban Street shoes like Vans instead. Also, women should be careful with high heels as with all the cobblestone it is easy to hurt your ankles.
Filmed in Rome, Italy

What Shoes to Take to Europe

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  1. Please Note: This Video is for 35+ year old US travelers heading to Europe. Young Europeans do wear most of these styles and trends, but the 35+ European crowd do not wear them to the same extent. And the locals won't care what you wear, so this is more to help you blend in a bit better. Great travels to you all & Thank you for all the comments & subscriptions.

  2. #1 should be, do not wear an American flag! Americans love their country and flag. Biggest give away and it is one of the first things they teach in the service before unleashing personnel out into the international scene 😉

  3. To all the Americans come to Britain and wear trainers with 4 stripes on and a slazenger vest with diadora trackies on you won't get rinsed I promise

  4. An Ex hooked me up with her American cousin working in London. I had never met this wonderful girl but we agreed to meet outside the Carter Lane youth hostel I was staying at. I am there waiting and this woman walks up to me, addresses me by name, and hugs me. I asked how she knew who I was and she said the khaki pants SCREAM American.

  5. I've been living in Europe all my life, i've experienced 3 violent robberies in my life. All the muggers and thugs who rob people wear sportswears and/or baseball caps. Also there are a lot of poor suburbs and parts of cities where literally EVERYBODY looks like that. So if you go to Europe, just wear your adidas sweat pants and baseballcaps, you'll be safer that way because people might think you're either poor or a potential criminal.

  6. It's a sort of North/South divide on this issue. In the main Southern Europeans tend to take more care with their appearance and dress better than in Northern Europe. The U.K. is almost as bad as the U.S. where there is not much sense of style, anything goes!

  7. I've found that if you just wear what's comfortable (and not looking like you bought your entire outfit a week ago just for this trip) you'll be fine. Many people I've talked to while i travel have mistaken me for a local because of this.

  8. I've been to Italy about six times and lived there for a few months, and I noticed that guys over 25 don't even wear shorts unless they go to the beach or play sports. It's for kids and American tourists. I remember living in a residential area of Parma and some local guy was walking around in shorts and guys sitting around screamed turista at him and laughed like it was the best joke ever.

  9. More practical advice. Thanks again, Mark. I think you can add corporate logo shirts to the list. I have a long sleeve t shirt with the GE logo on it. It might as well say "Yup, I am an American" on it. In all honesty it didn't bother me too much (or others for that matter).

  10. Ex Military here. I spent a lot of time in Europe. I was never loud or caused problems. But i never would apologize for what I wore. People would ask me why I wore a backwards baseball cap. I would tell them to fuck off. I do not harass Europeans and ask them why they look like Coachella and skinny and shit.

  11. Americans don't have to hide that they are Americans. Locals are not in the tourist sections! So most people are tourist in these areas. This is one of your worst videos. I do agree about the high heels.

  12. Even if I were a 35+ year old American person, I can still wear everything that you mentioned not to wear… because I'm Asian. It won't matter if I follow those advice or not 🙁

  13. I don't understand the "loud American" stereotype. I'm an American and am not loud. I've traveled all over Europe and have encountered very loud people who were not American. People need to stop believing the stereotype and whatever the media tell them. Think for yourselves and your own experiences. Be better people. Be kind!

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