❣DIY Fairy House Lamp Recycling TRASH❣

Hi, this is a “best out of waste” video where I show you how I made a fairy house lamp recycling some cardboard from an old box, egg cartons, pizza boxes, toilet paper tubes and two plastic bottles. The only bought materials I used are the colors, the hot glue and the P.V.A. glue. It took me about ten days to finish, including the drying time.
I had a vague idea of what I want to create, I brought all the materials I thought I’ll need and just went freestyle with them.
I started by cutting the bottom of one of the bottles. I then made a hole in some piece of cardboard and got the bottle through it. I glued them together and starting from that unusual shape I added pieces of cardboard piece by piece until I had a little house. For the bottom of the house I used some old newspaper to make a big volume that I later covered with pieces of egg cartons. Those are great for rock textures. I added the other plastic bottle on one side of the house as a little tower or balcony. After I had my shape ready I draw some windows and cut them away using a cutter. I glued some pieces of plastic in place using the rest of the plastic bottles. On top of those I glued some window frames made out of some toilet paper tubes. I also glued frames on the plastic bottle balcony.
The paper clay I made is a very simple recipe. Take two 30 eggs cartons and tear them apart in a plastic container. Pour hot water over the broken pieces and using a spoon make sure they are completely under water. Wait for the water to cool down and start tearing the cartons in even smaller pieces. Wait for another half hour or so and break it even more. When you have a homogeneous paste, using a sieve separate the carton from the water and squeeze the water out as much as you can(is better to have less water at this point, you can always add more if needed). Place the material in a different container and add four spoons of P.V.A. glue. Mix it well and after this step you should have a paste that is smooth enough to apply on your projects. I use my knife for that but you can use any modelling tools you have available. As a tip, don’t make more than you need so you don’t have storage and mold problems later.
I applied the paper clay using a knife and a spoon. I can say that it’s not the most user friendly clay but it is super strong once it’s dry. I was able to cover the whole shape and even made some wooden textures for the door and the porch. It has a fibrous consistency but I really am ok with that as it will help me later with the coloring and the patina. I never want a smooth surface.
I made staircases and a handrail for the porch. I also wanted some cool roof texture so I covered the whole roof with tiles made out of the cardboard from the pizza boxes. Those were just the right thickness.
Painting the house was fun. Remember I told you about the texture? Here’s how it works. I cover the house in a dark color first. Then I add a very bright color or even white but only to the surface of the texture. So I get a nice contrast. On top of that bright color you can add other colors. Stones for example have different colors all around.
I placed an LED flashlight under the house to get a cool effect in the dark.

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions:
    1. What clay do you use?
    I use a paper clay. I either buy it or make my own depending on what I want to create
    2. What's the difference between the bought paper clay ( )
    and the homemade paper clay (A)
    (B) ?
    The homemade one is not that soft and is only good for textured surfaces like stones and tree bark. It is very cheap to make so it might worth to sand it and work it a little more than buying a paper clay. However, you can't keep it more than 5 to 7 days in the fridge. It has the best consistency when you just made it and it's fresh, so I would recommend you use it in the same day or the next and don't make more than you need
    3. Can I use air dry clay? What's the difference between air dry clay and paper clay?
    Often times shops will sell both paper clay and ceramic clay with the same label "air dry clay". It's true, both are air hardening but there are quite a few differences: air dry clay(ceramic clay) is actually mud, natural clay, while paper clay is made with cellulose and other ingredients. Paper clay is stronger than air dry clay(ceramic clay). Air dry clay (ceramic clay) shrinks and the paper clay does not shrink. This is why paper clay is the better choice for my kind of projects. My projects usually require you to cover a jar or a plastic bottle. If the air dry clay shrinks and the bottle or jar remain the same size… you guessed it… your air dry clay will crack all around. It might be a lot cheaper but it's not what you need for these projects.
    4. My clay cracks, how do you cover the cracks?
    You don't, you change your air dry clay to a paper clay! See why at the previous question
    5. How to waterproof my paper clay creations?
    I recommend using a yacht varnish. Apply a few coats and make sure you cover it all around so no water touches your clay
    6. What brand of paper clay do you use?
    I use "Das modelling material" –
    7. Where can I see the list of materials?
    As a general rule of my channel… READ MY VIDEO DESCRIPTIONS! I write it for you guys, is no secret what I use. For every video I write a description of what I do and what I use.
    8. Do you sell your creations?
    No, not yet, my daughter loves them too much.
    9. What colors do you use?
    I mostly use watercolors and acrylic paint.

  2. This is absolutely amazing… So talented.. actually made me cry because it reminds me what my Pops (grandfather) would make, but out of wood and other materials… but he passed away two years ago. Made me miss him.

  3. Your children are sooo lucky to have such a talented mum! I watched every minute of your video and enjoyed it so much! I use polymer clay but I may have to convert for my buildings thank you so much! Haves liked and you got a new subscriber x

  4. Hello, first of all, great work and excellent videos. Could you please tell me if the PVA stick purchases it or prepares it? And if you prepare it, could you tell me how it is done? I searched for it in my country but I have not found it. Thank you…

  5. I ACCIDENTALLY disliked this video – maybe I just figured out how you're getting dislikes. I noticed a man asking what kind of paint you used. I wanted to copy the first part of your pinned comment and say 'look under here'. When I highlighted it on my android phone it didn't give a choice to copy, only 'select all'. I chose it because it was the only choice. It selected ALL TEXT and very quickly a pop up flashed on the screen that said 'report' and then You Tube wanted a reason for reporting the video (which I never wanted to). It gave me a list of reasons including p*rn so I chose 'Cancel' at the bottom of that pop-up so at least it wouldn't 'be reported'. Maybe this series of unfortunate events is how you're accidentally getting disliked. I wish You Tube had an 'Undo' option when you make a mistake. Sorry! I'll see if I can find a way to contact You Tube about it.

  6. Vielen Dank für diese Anregung! Wir werden Spass beim Nachbasteln haben.

    Aber mich treiben trotzdem einige Fragen um:
    1) Woher bekomme ich diesen "PVA Glue" oder kann man das selbst herstellen?
    2) Weshalb werden so viele unterschiedliche Farbanstriche gemacht?
    3) Ist das Ganze letztlich schwer genug, um standfest zu sein?

    LG aus Berlin

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