Shipwrecked 2019: E4 release trailer for reboot ahead of return

Shipwrecked 2019: The new trailer has been revealed [E4]

E4 have launched an epic new trailer for the new series of Shipwrecked for 2019, after it was confirmed the show was being rebooted.

Set to launch in the New Year, the show which will be voiced by Vick Hope, sees contestants split into two teams, Sharks and Tigers, and stranded on an island.

The familiar islands are the backdrop for the new teaser, which kicks off with a woman wearing a shark-themed necklace walking across the sand, only to be met by a guy wearing beads for the Tigers.

Shipwrecked 2019: It's the Tigers vs the Sharks Shipwrecked 2019: It’s the Tigers vs the Sharks [E4]

Shipwrecked 2019: The contestants will remain on the islandShipwrecked 2019: The contestants will remain on the island [E4]

He beckons her over, only for her to blow a shell horn as a warning call to the rest of her tribe.

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Soon joined by two team mates, they declare war on the man and his own team mates who have now joined him.

The battle begins as the islanders attempt to outdo each other in a range of tasks the contestants will be expected to complete when they stay on the island.

Shipwrecked 2019: The contestants have yet to be confirmed Shipwrecked 2019: The contestants have yet to be confirmed [E4]

From fishing to lighting fires from scratch, the islanders end the trailer by raising their team flags.

Viewers will no doubt be excited after seeing the teaser, with the show clearly keeping many of its original elements.

Taking to Twitter, fans shared their thoughts with many only just realising it was making a comeback.

Vick Hope narrowly avoided an awkward run-in with Shirley Ballas at the star-studded event Vick Hope will voice the new series [Getty ]

One fan said: “No way is shipwrecked coming back f**k yeh.”


Past contestants of the series include Stephen Bear, Jeff Brazier and Sarah-Jane Crawford.

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