7 Simple Craft Ideas & Fun Life Hacks

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  1. He’s just doing for money. Kinda useless video. 1 years before….he’s making some useful, nice, fun (mr gear) and he’s got a lot of subscribers but now….such a stupid video and get less/slow subscribers and more dislike…more hater comment. Making video for subscribers. And he didn’t even think to read comment.

    Please make sure to look at ‘me gear’ old video.
    And you will know all that say.

  2. На канале Mr. Gear. Купленныенакрученые подписчики с говно контентом. Здесь такой же говноконтент, когда подписчиков накрутишь?

  3. Aredribe/MR.Gear never lose hope, keep going till the end, you might of lost subs/views but that doesn't matter I Believe you can get them back 😀

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